Online And In Store: Instagram Account Scarborough Spots Opens Up A Permanent Store

In a celebration of local culture and creativity, Scarborough Spots, a beloved Instagram account founded by Jesse Asido, that has been capturing the essence of Scarborough's unique charm, is expanding its horizons by opening a permanent store in Eglinton Square Mall. This move marks a significant milestone for the community, as Scarborough Spots transforms from a virtual platform to a physical space, embracing the themes of community, love, and creativity that have defined its online presence.

Eglinton Square Mall will not just be a location for the store; it will be a community center, a place where people can gather, connect, and celebrate each other.

Known for its vibrant portrayal of everyday life in Scarborough, the Instagram account has been a source of pride for locals and a discovery for those outside the community.

The decision to open a permanent store at Eglinton Square Mall reflects the team's commitment to creating a tangible space where the community can come together to celebrate their shared identity.

The heart of Scarborough Spots lies in its dedication to highlighting the diverse community and locations in the neighbourhoods. The Instagram account has served as a virtual stage for local residents, artists and entrepreneurs, showcasing their talent and building a sense of unity. With the opening of the permanent store, this commitment to community collaboration will only deepen, as the space becomes a hub for local creativity.

The store also features curated pieces from Scarborough's artists including a mural imitating a subway station wall that says "Bluffs". This move is a testament to Scarborough Spots' belief in the power of creativity to bring people together, building bridges within the community and creating a sense of belonging.

Love, a central theme in Scarborough Spots' online presence, will continue to be at the forefront of the physical store. The team behind the account has always been passionate about showcasing the love that permeates Scarborough – love for the local businesses, love for the diverse cultures, and love for the unique stories that make up the community. This love will be translated into the physical space, creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone who walks through the doors.

As Scarborough Spots embarks on this new chapter with the opening of its permanent store, it brings with it a promise to continue spreading love and celebrating creativity in all its forms. This move represents a powerful affirmation of Scarborough's identity and the belief that a community that comes together in love and creativity can overcome any challenge. So, as Scarborough Spots makes its mark in Eglinton Square Mall, it invites everyone to join in the celebration of community, love, and creativity that makes Scarborough truly special.

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